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Joan Robinson (formerly Joan Robinson-Blumit) has a Bachelor’s degree in English from Illinois State University and has kept a journal since childhood. She started high school in 1962 and graduated from college in 1970. Then she was single during the swinging 70s. Many of the stories in her novels come from experiencing the sweeping changes and events that occurred during the 2 decades.

She has written 8 novels and has been published in national magazines such as “Sage Woman” and “Pan Gaia” among many others. A grandmother, who is semi-retired from an accounting practice, she has had a lifelong love of the written word and books.

Currently Joan is writing an updated and expanded version of Lunar Goddesses: Full Moon Rituals, Celebrating the Divine Feminine in Thought, Word, Craft and Song By the Light of the Moon: Lunar Celebrations for Goddess Women Circles will feature the original 13 rituals and 26 new ones.


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